This is a one of a kind copper and sterling silver necklace featuring three hand formed roses with simulated coral stones set in the center of each rose. The roses have been formed from a sheet of copper and the chain and closures are sterling silver that has been oxidized. The entire necklace measures 20 inches in length, with the rose pendant measuring 4 inches by about 2 inches. These necklaces are one of a kind, as each rose is cut from multiple sheets of copper and formed by hand. This necklace is ready to ship, packaged in a labeled, recycled box with lace ribbon.


I cut all the pieces for the roses out of copper sheet, filed the edges, added texture to the edge of each petal with a hammer, and riveted the layer of each rose together. Once each rose was formed, I soldered all 3 roses together, along with brackets on the ends to attach a chain. The closures were also made by hand. Once the necklace was assembled, I applied a silver of sulfur patina to blacken the copper. Then, I cemented a 8mm simulated coral stone in the center of each rose, and sealed the rose pendant with a lacquer.

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