Silver Layered Hexagon Link Chain Necklace

Silver Layered Hexagon Link Chain Necklace



This is a one of a kind sterling silver hexagon chain necklace. The entire necklace was made from a spool of silver wire and some chain. The entire necklace measures about 34 inches in length and has 3 strands. Although this necklace is lengthy and has multiple strands, it is very light and easy to wear. It has a feminine, yet industrial look to it. This necklace is ready to ship, packaged in a recycled, labeled box with lace ribbon.

This necklace is now also available in a polished silver finish, if you'd prefer a shiny silver version just choose the option before purchasing!


I cut several different sized wooden dowel rods, then coiled silver wire around them and sawed them out. Once I had well over a hundred rings in various sizes, I soldered them all closed and then formed them into hexagons using a hammer and mandrel. Once all the hexagons were formed, I sawed each other one open, connected them all together, and soldered them closed to create 3 different chains. I sanded and hammered a light texture on each hexagon. Once each chain was complete, I joined them with handmade closures. I polished the entire necklace in a tumbler for 12 hours. For the last step, I applied a patina to give the necklace a gunmetal finish.

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